Going Global

In 2018, QuoLux joined the export business community with the opening of a satellite office in Brazil and the launch of Leading MBA – a world-leading online programme that captures the power of learning in the workplace, wherever that may be.

Embarking on this new venture is integral to our overall business strategy. As such, we developed a plan to help ensure its success, including these key steps:

Be strategic

Our strategy for growth is to build on the success of our core services in leadership development, while innovating into a new market (online learners in the UK and overseas). Research confirmed the opportunity, and we were able to disrupt the traditional MBA model through innovation, creating the first work-based learning master’s delivered entirely online

Identify your value proposition

We carefully considered how to add value by recognising the constraints of other MBA models and the needs of our target audience. The result was Leading MBA, which gives leaders the freedom to continue to work in their business and live at home, and provides a unique learning environment supporting their business and personal development. We then created a distinctive red, white and blue brand that encapsulates our offering, instantly evoking Britain’s reputation as world-leading in education.

Prepare thoroughly

Bringing leaders into a virtual learning environment demands the best technologies. Through extensive research we identified partners that ensured we were using proven, reliable systems that allow our delegates to learn wherever and whenever they want.

Build expert networks

It is invaluable to secure the right support to help elevate your business overseas. We are currently partnering Gloucestershire-based, Join In China, to target the Henan Province, where Leading MBA was met with enthusiasm from senior officials. We are leveraging our relationship with the University of Gloucestershire to approach leaders in the Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Vietnam where the University has strong ties with other educational institutions. Meanwhile, our Leading MBA advisory group, consisting of international business and leadership experts, are supporting us through their extensive global networks.

Going global has its challenges, but the opportunities are certainly exciting.

To find out more visit www.leadingmba.com or email Programme Director, Rachael Ramos at rachael.ramos@quolux.co.uk

This article was first published in Business & Innovation Magazine, January 2019.

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