Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

We are very proud to be the founding sponsor of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Gloucestershire Business Awards and are delighted to be sponsoring the award again this year for the 6th time.

Previous winners include Sir David McMurtry and John Deer from Renishaw Plc; Julian Dunkerton co-founder of Superdry; Steve Evans founder of Clarkson Evans; Bob Holt and David Miles of Mears Group and David Bellamy, former Chief Executive of St James Place Plc - but what makes an effective business leader?

There’s an often-held assumption that some people are ‘born leaders’ with an innate set of skills and characteristics that draw ‘followers’ to them Pied Piper style. But that’s to mistake charisma for leadership and fails to tell the whole story.

Years of working with business owners, directors and senior managers have shown us plenty of proof that leadership skills are learned behaviours. In recent research among the alumni who have completed the leadership development programme LEAD, 100% of participants believed they were a better leader, more effective and more confident. And 75% stated that colleagues had seen the difference in them.

With 97% of the alumni reporting growth in their business since starting LEAD, they’ve seen practical business benefits from the 10 months spent developing their own leadership skills and behaviours. These changes often come from simple and systematic steps.

Developing the appropriate culture and strong systems applied with rigour and consistency are hallmarks of effective leadership. The research showed the number of those holding regular monthly management meetings grew from 50% to 95% and there was an increase from 52% to 86% who improved their understanding of their priority target markets and profitability.

What may surprise you is that the alumni comprise many of the region’s most admired and successful businesses. Between them, they represent a turnover of more than three-quarters of a billion. And yet through their readiness to learn to be more effective leaders they have acknowledged and explored their own weaknesses or gaps in knowledge, as well as drawing upon their varied business experiences and personal strengths.

Effective leaders are open to learning new approaches or techniques. None of us are born with all the answers, but we can learn to be better leaders. Those who aspire to long-standing achievement know that ‘big ideas’ and entrepreneurship are just part of the equation. Playing the long-game is not a solo enterprise; it demands a high performing team and it is strong leadership that will orchestrate the best team performance.

The Lifetime Achievement award recognises those who have made a considerable, profitable and lasting contribution to business in Gloucestershire over a period of at least 20 years and we look forward to celebrating with this year’s winner on 10th October.

You can find out more about the awards, and how to enter by clicking here.





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